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Countdown to the end have already started. Some of you readers have similar questions to the story. If you continue on reading, I promise your questions will be answer within the next few chapters. Wendy had found Kassie’s room just down the hall from Luigi’s. She knocked first and once she got an answer, she opened the door and entered. She smiled upon seeing her young toad friend. Kassie smiled “Thanks Wendy. But I thought you’ll be over at Luigi’s room.

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AU Aromatherapy – iq-biased smut And action — prolixitae smut About time — yoonia angst, time travel! AU, soulmate! AU Animal — cutaepatootie angst, smut, boxer! AU, fluff, angst smut Blank check — pantaemonium College! AU, fuckboy!

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James’s Decision. Track This Story: Feed. New Account. Print Chapter Report Abuse. James’s Decision by Greekchic Reviews 5. Previous Next. I need to talk to you. Brigette, Meet me in the Room of Requirement at sharp. Crystal Jamison? I dated her in third year! Victoria smacked him upside his head. Not Crystal Jamison! Crystal as in crystal clear!

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Things get interesting when the Marauders take her under their wing,however Potter realizes there is more to their new friend than meets the eye. Now complete! Includes stalking, Polyjuice potion and James attempting many acts of suicide such as drowning his head in toilet bowls because Apple Of His Eye Evans hates his guts.

It wasn’t like Jimin was some crazy stalker fan who went around lying to everyone that he was dating renowned rapper Agust D. He just.

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It was another day with Keroro. “And you better do it right,” Natsumi snapped. “I’​ll be back in an hour to see how much you’ve finished.”.

Mario, Wendy, and Roy stood in stun silence after hearing the surprising news about Kastoadra’s pregnancy. After about a minute or so, Mario became the first to recover. Doctor Truffles nodded. The red hero sighed and ran a gloved hand through his hair, wondering why the young toadette didn’t inform them sooner. Then again, with all the excitement that happened today, the indigo toad probably didn’t have any time to tell them and might have temporary forgot.

Either way…. Wendy recovered soon after Mario and turn to her disguised brother with worry. Roy hadn’t move or say anything since the doctor announce the news just a few minutes ago. He was awfully still, almost like a statue. Her question got no answer. Roy was staring out into space. His constant silence even got Mario’s attention. No reply. Instead, the large man’s body started to sway.

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They all open in new windows. A Visitor in the Storm – fluff. That is, until she receives a knock at the door. A Schoolhouse Goodbye – fluff.

With their families and friends in the dark about this, can the two maintain their secret relationship or will their enemies force them to break it off?

While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words As Sawamura Daichi and Kuroo Tetsurou’s rivalry as Quidditch captains reaches a fever pitch, they both begin to feel a pull that breaks the bounds of antagonism. As Daichi battles with his own stubborn nature running against these feelings, Kuroo faces an even more difficult conundrum.

What will he do when these budding feelings threaten his carefree lifestyle and more importantly, his career aspirations? As the pressure mounts, is it even possible that one infuriating Gryffindor could make him put everything on the line? As both boys prepare for the game that will determine the victor of the Hogwarts House and Quidditch Cups, they must weigh their own emotions against the future they have prepared for themselves.

OC: Graces Malfoy, Draco’s twin sister. Neville, with his usual bad luck, ends up partners with Graces Malfoy for Herbology, just after landing her father in Azkaban, after the Ministry ordeal. Will this partnership prove to be as awful as it sounds? Where does love stand against family, belief, ambition, and obligation. From the small flickering light of the lamppost in the corner, she could make out the faintest little gleam of blue, a striking sapphire, almost blood blue.

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All that mattered was her friend, Nik. Gravity by AddriannaDestiny. The more they fought to stay away from each other the more they seemed unable to be apart.

Enemies to Lovers / Hate to Love • An Arrangement • can’t escape this I was looking for a fanfic where Oliver and Felicity are dating in s2 and.

Body swaps , first popularized in the personal identity chapter of John Locke ‘s Essay Concerning Human Understanding [1] , have been a common storytelling device in fiction media. Novels such as Vice Versa [2] and Freaky Friday [3] have inspired numerous film adaptations and retellings, as well as television series and episodes, many with titles derived from “Freaky Friday”. In , Disney Channel held a Freaky Freakend with seven shows that featured body-swapping episodes.

The following shows have a body swap as a major storyline or feature a character who has swapped bodies over multiple episodes. TV episodes where characters swap bodies. See also graphic novels and manga. Some graphic novels and manga series feature stories that center around a body swap, while others have a story arc or a character that body swaps. These include anime and live-action adaptations if the original storyline was in the manga or comic. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Farm and Shake It Up.

This is overcome by a mathematical proof that allows everyone to return to their original bodies by involving two more characters. II, ch.

[21+] BTS FF (OneShot) – Jimin – Dating a Devil

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